The apiboxx® is an middleware solution with which we can connect ERP systems and other third party systems like e.g. store systems to exchange data. Thereby the apiboxx® works as middleware and therefore as a mediator between one or more systems which speak the same or different language.

Traditionally a medium-sized company has several IT systems which want to exchange data. These data can be e.g. customer master, orders or data from production or warehouse. The apiboxx® is the core of these solutions and at the same time provides a standard (REST, SOAP, API), to connect further systems in the future.

The advantage of our solution is the possibility to define one or more output channels and thus to supply several systems with data at the same time. Via the dashboard, the delivered data can be connected to the output channels and modified via a mapper (datalayer) according to the requirements without programming knowledge

The application area of apiboxx® is versatile: IoT, ERP systems, production systems, logistics, e-commerce, mobile APP development and many more. 


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Further information about the apiboxx® middleware